Buyers Membership

Panapanda is programmed to promote operations, mainly through Free Zones, Special Economic Zones and Free Trade Zones of the world. Here you will find the Free Zones that are members associated to our platform and also the companies of each one that are registered with us.

With the Buyer Membership you will find the following benefits:


Catalogue of products for sale.


Catalogue of services available to you by Panapanda suppliers. If you are interested in any of the services advertised in this section you can contact them by clicking on the company of your choice.


Panapanda offers a space for investment projects with a detailed proposal, business plan and necessary resources to be developed. If you are looking for investment opportunities, we offer a catalog of projects for you to consider, an executive summary will be available, and if you are interested in any of the projects contact us for more information.


Catalogue of funding available for investment projects. Search for private investment funds, bank investments, commercial banks and financial intermediaries.